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“If we don’t end Warr, Warr will end us.”

- H. G. Wells(ish)


Things have been a-Happenin’ lately, and if I don’t post about them now, there’ll be too many things and it’ll be too late. So, in the order that I think to talk about them…



Holy macaroni you guys, this was amazing. We had the great honour of playing at the AetherCon Ball this month, sharing the bill with the very talented (and fully house-trained) Sophie and the Realistic Expectations. This steampunk event is bi-annual in both Auckland and Wellington and is impressive in all ways. Follow here for updates.

Now, I know you’re not supposed to dwell on technical malfunctions, but what kind of a Me would I be to pass up the opportunity to tell you, in all honesty, that we had a situation involving John-at-Warr at war with his Warr. Can I say that again? Please? John-at-Warr was at war with his Warr. Ok, so what happened was his Warr gurgled and grumbled in everyone’s ears, then stopped making any noise at all. Dead. Four songs into our set.

We have no idea what its problem was. It remained dead for a couple of days, then decided it was the Jesus of guitars and came back to life, in a complainey sort of way. I guess I’d be crotchety too, if I undied (as in, “died and then came back to life”; not “knickered”) – like pretty much every zombie and vampire apart from the sparkly ones (who totally don’t count because what does Meyer know about how people feel). And Buffy. Except I wouldn’t've been in heaven (but the vamps and zombies wouldn’t've been, either, so). And now I’ve lost the point. Something about the Warr guitar being upset about undying, even though it had probably gone to hell and undergarments weren’t involved. Um.

OH AND ALSO I won a prize for Best Dressed! Mostly thanks to the super people at Costume Cave, who knew the answers to all the questions I didn’t know to ask. Everyone who needs a costume for Halloween should go there. Orrrr do what John did, and make a gas mask out of skin (see Lenscraft’s photos below). Whatever floats your kayak.

Photos from the event:

Lenscraft Photography (the ball)

Sandy Carter Photography (the convention)



Last week we played at the San Francisco Bathhouse for the first time, alongside The Polly Johnson Set (who are cool and funny and you should check them out). John’s undead Warr was behaving, so it’s probably safe to assume it had an ulterior motive and we’ve now all been cursed.

Anyway, it was a really great night hosted by Peter Baillie, who is hilarious and generous and punny (seriously, ask him about the Word of the Day. You won’t regret it). Peter also has a band, Neverwoz, who are awesome. As you can probably tell from the title, this is a monthly event, which is usually held on a Thursday at Very Reasonable o’clock. Keep an eye out for the next one – I’ve been to a few and they’re always great.



Here is John-at-Undead-Warr being stationary, with stationery, drawing, beside some drawers.

stationary stationery drawing drawers

…while wearing my mother’s sunglasses.



- Our album, Blurred, is out.

- I scored an indie horror film, Ze, Zombie (trigger warnings here).

- We’re starting to work on our next album. It won’t be out for a long time, but I just want to let you know. We’ve been trying out a few new songs at recent gigs, and there are even more on their way.

- Did you know we’re both in another band, The Klaus Vermillion Quartet? Now you do.

- We also have an FAQ, if you’re hungry for more things you didn’t (need to) know about us. Enjoy.



This is such a great article by Toothfish Posters, I’m just going to link it and leave it at that.

Sex, Death and Plastic

(contains nudity)


Over & out,



Hi, Hello, Hi.

I doubt I’m the only person who sometimes has difficulty with beginnings. I mean, once you get going with a thing, it tends to gather momentum and requires more steering than pushing. But starting a thing – ah. That’s the hard part. You have to push and steer, while wondering whether the thing you’re pushing and steering will be worth all the effort.

I’m not saying that blogging mightn’t be worth the effort. I’m just saying stuff about beginning, as a way to begin, so that the beginning is over with and I can get into the more enjoyable stage of letting it flow however it wants to. I think I’ve taken a wrong turn already. That’s good. Unfamiliar territory is familiar territory for me.

Hi, hello, hi. This is the first blog post on our new site.

If you’re really curious and want to read old posts about anything/nothing/everything, I’m sure you’ll find the old blog without too much difficulty. I will warn you, though: the best post is a pun. What I’m saying is, it’s not worth your time unless you and your time are fighting and you’re looking for ways to waste it as punishment.


This morning I thought about writing out the chord chart to one 90s pop hit or another and bringing it to band practice, claiming it as my own, just to see how long it would take for John-at-Warr to figure it out. He almost certainly hasn’t heard (m)any of these songs, and it’d be hilarious to watch him try to figure out if I were serious.¹

It would be payback for the time he bought a bag of Brussels sprouts for me when I asked him to get feijoas. He did a very convincing job of pretending not to know the difference between the two.

I dislike Brussels sprouts. I can consume almost limitless amounts of feijoa. It was rather disappointing.

Hi, hello, hi. Welcome to the blog.


¹ To clarify: I in no way intend to mock any of these songs. I am a child of the 90s. These songs are the soundtrack to my tween years, when fitting in meant watching music television. I have a soft spot in my heart for 90s pop in a way that allows me to thoroughly enjoy it, even if I don’t exactly like it. Maybe this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but neither does the Macarena.