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An Alien Invaded the Circus

Contact: Katie Morton (+6421) 780354

Quirky fun to run amok for April Fish’s “album pre-release Livestream”:
Katie Morton vs the Klaus Vermillion Quartet.

(Wellington, NZ) February 26, 2018 Singer/Composer Katie Morton of the band April Fish will host a Facebook Livestream event at 11 am NZST on April 1st 2018 to showcase tracks from the upcoming release of Sophomore album ‘An Alien Invaded the Circus’, due out April 6th 2018. Members of the Klaus Vermillion Quartet will also be on hand to partake in banteringly good times between songs.

With music described as “Tim Burton and Kate Bush veering the Starship Enterprise down the rabbit hole”, it was touring the US with avant-rock band Jaggery that enabled the catch of a lifetime: a chance meeting with Vince Welch, the production/sound designer of Morton’s all-time favourite band Bent Knee, which in turn led to securing him to mix the album.

Morton is known for a savant-like grasp of musical soundscapes, leaning towards the avant-garde with a tinge of darkness to keep it interesting. It is this ability to use music to colour the context and explore the human mind that makes April Fish a stand out.

“At times it’s chamber music, an operatic orchestration. At others it’s the soundtrack to a 1930s Raygun Gothic Sci-Fi that was never made. It’s altogether beautiful in all its multilayered rawness and lyrically vivid." ~ Petros,

Key dates:
Mar 16th: First single release, Axident
Mar 24th: Cubadupa performance at the San Fran bar in Wellington, NZ
Mar 30th: Second single release, Silver or Sulfur
Apr 1st: Pre-release Facebook Livestream event with the Klaus Vermillion Quartet
Apr 6th: Official release of ‘An Alien Invaded the Circus’



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