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Media Pack - April Fish

An Alien Invaded the Circus
Release Date: April 6th 2018

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April Fish is Katie Morton (songwriter, piano, vocals) and John Costa (Warr Guitar, double bass)

Label: Self-Released/Violet Violet
Genre: Gothic chamber art rock
Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
Influences: Fiona Apple, Emilie Autumn, The Dresden Dolls
Sounds like: Kate Bush, Tori Amos


Bio (85 words)

April Fish takes many forms but at its core is composer/pianist/vocalist Katie Morton. Their music tends to be thematically dark, with rich harmonies weaving through shifting moods and time signatures over a piano accompaniment.

April Fish formed when Katie saw John busking on the Warr Guitar and left a note in his case. A few months later they opened for Amanda Palmer. April Fish have toured NZ, Australia, the US, and London, with performances ranging from Katie solo to a 12 piece choir.

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Photo credit: Lenscraft Media

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